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BLACK & GOLD by Roberto Semprini for BANCI

BLACK & GOLD by Roberto Semprini for BANCI

BLACK & GOLD by Roberto Semprini for BANCI in Gallery Cattai Via Fiori Chiari 7 Milan Fuori Salone 2015 On a symbolic level, metals such as iron and brass embody eternity, durability and timelessness. Compared to wood, these metals evoke strength, but also hardiness. Created by the gods, metals are actually among the most noble of the earth’s materials and the smiths, once revered and feared, are artisans of peace. Gold is at the top of these symbolic features. The symbolism of Gold Coincides with the symbol of the sacred, the very substance of the Gods and because of its rarity and preciousness: a symbol of wealth and power. The symbolism of Black Signifies absolute elegance, power and austerity; paired with gold it enhances the splendour and embodies design elite.


Opening during Fuorisalone:
10:00-21:00 10am to 9pm Cartella stampa Black &Gold

Banci Firenze srl

As well as houses, also chandeliers are designed and built. Massimo and Jacopo Banci, President and Chief of Banci Firenze, are convinced of this and they carry on the vision and philosophy of the company, born 116 years ago in Florence. When 115 years ago the first Banci sold the chandeliers in his workshop, he couldn’t imagine that, after over a hundred years, the brand Banci could still be a synonym of the best Italian quality product for classical, modern and design lighting. What once was a necessity – to sell chandeliers – has become a company which carries on the tradition of the know-how to create a customised product for lighting, conceived and designed for special projects. They realise unique pieces collecting from the past the tradition of Banci family, an Italian product made in Florence, together with the future vision, thanks to collaborations with many architects, young artists and interior designers. Today, after more than a century, Banci chandeliers have a strong hallmark: the subtle imperfection of something handcrafted. The great value of each handcrafted piece is increased by the complexity of hundreds of special details, all put together “one by one”. The complexity of every single work is simplified by the assembly systems of Banci. Unique pieces of true artworks. The showroom is open daily by appointment in Scandicci - Florence. Here you can admire over 1000 creations immediately ready to be bought. We can create a customised product for clients from all over the world who love to have an original made in Italy piece.

+39 055 751941

Galleria Michela Cattai
via Fiori Chiari, 7

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