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Adele-C, Crizu, Fiori di Latta and Vesta is at my place

Lightness is the common denominator of the design of four companies expressing Made in Italy's highest creativity: 'Adele-C' furniture, 'Crizu' paper sculptures, 'Fiori di Latta' metal collections and 'Vesta is at my place' curtains and blinds.


Opening during Fuorisalone:
Spazio EVERGREEN - Via Palermo, 5 - Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 11:00  alle 21:00 – Party venerdì 17 aprile dalle 18:30
EVERGREEN space - Via Palermo n.5 - Open daily from 10am to 9pm - Party on Friday April 17th from 6:30pm La misura della leggerezza PRESS 'La misura della leggerezza'


Adele Cassina is a storied name in the world of design. Her father, Cesare Cassina, was the leader of a group of enlightened entrepreneurs who ignited the Italian miracle of designer furniture in Brianza’s fertile production district. A remarkable story that got underway in the workshops of post WWII Italy and today brings thousands of visitors to Milan’s Salone del Mobile. Adele Cassina has started her own company: Adele-C. Her brand sets out to create products that transcend trends and are ambassadors of discreet elegance. Blessed with passion and earned-over-time competence for creating quality, Adele Cassina has poured her family heritage of experimentation and creativity into this collection. The collection is divided in two different segments that are sides of the same coin but have distinctive identities. - The Design Collection includes the works of professional designers on products (sofas, armchairs, bookcases, furniture accessories) that are present in everyday life. - The Sign Collection includes works by contemporary artists devoted to developing the expressive potential of materials and objects. Together, the collections form a comprehensive range of products that work in concert with one another under Adele Cassina’s savvy direction.


Crizu folds the pages of old books creating minimalistic sculptures of sophisticated and simple line. Fold after fold, books transform into unexpected and wonderful objects, both conceptual and contemplative, which embody a synthesis of past and future, old and new, obsolete and essential. Crizu Folded Books are unique pieces, handmade in Italy.

+39 338 8366521


“Citazioni” is a young company, based in Milan, where design objects for the interior decoration are built with both the trademark “Fiori di Latta” and “Citazioni”. Its history begins in 1986 with the creation by Gherardo Frassa of the ”Futurist Mechanical Flora" designed in 1930 by Oswaldo Bot and never done, on the occasion of the exhibition "Futurismo e Futurismi" at Palazzo Grassi in Venice. The year after together with his friend the artist Emilio Tadini Gherardo Frassa draw the logo “Fiori di latta” and more than 100 written “Fiore (that in italien means Flower)”. After a pause lasted 23 years Gherardo Frassa resumed the project and imparts a new development, designing personally a great number of objects and starting collaborations with designers of the caliber of Andrea Branzi, Pierluigi Cerri, Clara Rota and many others. Strictly "hand made in Italy" our objects can be considered unique since it is practically impossible to find one that is identical to the other. “Fiori di Latta” is the main brand of the company: poppies, tulips, clovers, roses, calla lilly: table, wall and floor flowers, objects that do not want to be a mere copy of reality but arouse emotions in whoever possesses them, through an interpretation and a reprocessing that it enriches them with irony and poetry. Then not fake flowers or simple copies of reality, but sculptures, between art and design.


Vesta is at my place sounds like the intriguing title of a movie, but in reality it is the name chosen by Casa Valentina for her new brand of accessories and furnishings. Why Vesta? But why especially a new brand? Vesta is the name of the Roman goddess protector of the house and of its inhabitants, therefore it is the most appropriate deity to represent symbolically the values of domestic. The creation of a new brand, with a name that stands out for its originality, comes from the desire to offer new product lines characterized by a high content of design made in Italy, able to make them unique and recognizable and to meet the various needs of the contemporary furnishings. Not surprisingly, the signature that opens a series of proposals for Vesta is at my place is that of the well-known design studio Giulio Iacchetti, who signs a collection that marks the continuity with the established experience of Casa Valentina. Project #1 is in fact a line of innovative roller blinds, available in a wide range of solutions and finishes, studied for the installation in horizontal or vertical windows, but also as partitions inside of the environments. Thanks to their design, they are real pieces of furniture. A first result of successful that hits the goal to put the design in the foreground and that is just the beginning of a journey that Vesta is at my place is undertaking with great enthusiasm and planning. (Project #1 design: Giulio Iacchetti and Alessandro Stabile)

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