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Calligaris Flagship Store

via Tivoli angolo Foro Buonaparte,24
Calligaris Flagship Store Milano - Design Experience for the Modern Home

700 square meters dedicated place in Milan, to display the furniture in the district of very important fashion design shops and showrooms.
The space occupies 3 floors in the first Flag Ship Store signed Calligaris and the feeling is to be really inside a house!
The visitant moves in it from room to room, as if he was the resident: the shop is live, real and warm, a furniture store in Milan that wants to oppose at usual cold showroom installations.
A inside path guide the clients through displaying the furniture, it allows you to view the whole proposal Calligaris and it makes the offer clear and understandable for the style, price and design, available to the public.
The art of savor-faire lies in the place it was to decided to dedicate to ingenuity and in this area we explain you all the functionality of Calligaris products, with special attention to extendible tables.
It only remains, then, that venture along the stages of this journey of furniture in to Milan.

Dal martedì al sabato 10:00 - 19:00
02 91988333
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