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Boffi Solferino

via Solferino, 11
Where Boffi’s strategy for commercial growth was born. After the launch of this flagship showroom opened, Boffi went on to open more than 50 additional mono-brand shops in the most important metropolises in the world, in around 40 countries. Opened in 1998, as a showroom dedicated solely to bathrooms, Boffi Solferino is the symbol of Boffi’s brand extension, that has evolved and become a unique example of an international network of showrooms which offer a complete range of kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe furniture. It is located in the historic Brera quarter of Milan with two entrances, one via large glass doors off Largo Treves and another from the inviting courtyard on via Solferino 11. The 1300 sq. m. showroom is divided into kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe areas, presenting the entire Boffi collection to make an impressive and coherent visual impact on visitors. The architecture has been especially designed and created by Piero Lissoni, in collaboration with Boffi Marketing Management, in order to preserve the original character of the old Milanese building whilst creating some loft-like spaces, with ad-hoc structures. This includes the impressive central staircase between the two levels and the interesting room layout achieved by the essential integration of volumes and materials. Special attention has been paid to create an evocative atmosphere using different lighting, aromas and ambient sounds to strengthen the brand values. In 2010, a new space was presented: L’Appartamento; a real domestic environment featuring a living space, a bedroom, kitchens and bathrooms. The purpose of L’appartamento is to display more atypical products, echoing recent changes in the way Boffi interpret architecture and spacial solutions and objects for the home. Boffi Solferino, known for its original, professional approach and commitment to design, creates a new destination in Milan for all architects and designers.
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