Brera Design District is a project of Studiolabo and it's a part of the Milano Design Network


Infopoint Brera Design District

How to inform and orient yourself in Brera
Concrete mono-blocks, designed to be “visual and non-invasive”, functional, useful and attractive signposts for the tens of thousands of visitors moving around the city in search of locations, events, installations and performances.

Providing direct, personal, to-the-point, updated information is a recognised and indispensable value of hospitality in general and for big urban events in particular. C.M.2.0 is participating in partnership with Brera Design District, providing architectural structures in prefabricated concrete mono-blocks, that fit well into the urban landscape where they will be located and serve the purpose for which they are intended.

We are therefore speaking of Architectural Design: design as an industrial, architectural product, an urban volume.

Brera Real Estate