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LOVEThESIGN, the leading e-commerce in Italy for home design, introduces ThESIGN, its new range of furnishings and home accessories created in partnership with Architect Davide Negri. The Mediateca Santa Teresa and its glass cube provide a unique location for the presentation of ThESIGN, news from FLOS, creative setups by Officinanove, vertical accessories by Tonki, fun ideas by Fatboy and more exclusive events.


Opening during Fuorisalone:
14/04 10:00 - 24:00
15/04 10:00 - 20:00
16/04 10:00 - 24:00
17/04 10:00 - 24:00
18/04 10:00 - 22:00
19/04 10:00 - 18:00 Cartella stampa LOVEThESIGN Press Kit LOVEThESIGN

FLOS spa

FLOS was founded in 1962 in Merano. Since the beginning it enlisted the aid of excellent collaborators, such as Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Tobia Scarpa. The collaboration with Achille Castiglioni continued through the ‘80s, and at the same time, FLOS begins to scout for emerging talents at an international level. In 1988 the Company started collaborating with Philippe Starck. During the ‘90s the Company expanded its contract-related presence. Thanks to a know-how acquired in over fifty years of experience, FLOS is today an international company that offers a complete range of residential, commercial and even custom-made lighting products that can be seamlessly integrated in any office, hotel, or store. With a constant commitment to research and technological innovation, but always aiming to reach a poetic quality of light, the company has demonstrated how a historic brand can look to the future without loosing sight of its tradition.


OFFICINANOVE creates innovative elements for contemporary living. We design lights, accessories and objects that trigger your need for functionality in a world that constantly changes. We are inspired by the constantly evolving needs of everyday life, both in taste and in efficacy. Our product range finds itself at the intersection of craftsmanship and the modernity of industrial production. Our products are the result of the stylistic categories of these two worlds: the practical efficiency on the one hand, and the emotional dimension, on the other hand. With our design products, we bring both efficiency and emotion to your daily lives. We make your lifestyle simpler and smarter, adding the right dose of color and a consistent attention to detail.


We are Ruggero and Alessandra, passionate lovers of print, photography and design. It has been a flurry of hectic activity since October 2012: tens of thousands of Tonki products, works and collaborations with international brands, headquarters in Brescia and branches in the Netherlands and Canada. Tonki is a bizarre story, born by sheer chance in a London afternoon. It all started in 2012. One fine day, I grabbed my backpack and hopped on a super low-cost flight for a surprise visit to my girlfriend. On the road, I felt like hitchhiking so I pulled out a piece of cardboard with "147 Kilburn High Rd." written on it. After a while, a truck driver stopped by and gave me a ride to Ale's home. During the trip, I folded the cardboard piece and stowed it safely in my backpack. I did so because I wanted to give it to Ale in remembrance of that adventure. As we met, I offered her my present to which she attached a picture of us. A little later, as we came up with a suitable name for this object, our lives changed forever. Thus was born Tonki, a piece of cardboard that is transformed into an innovative support. Creating your own Tonki is simple: just go to, upload an image and place your order. You will receive your Tonki in a few days, ready to be mounted and hung on the wall or placed on any shelf. Tonki is a cool and eco-friendly framework. It's made from one single sheet of cardboard punched with a unique design. We print your pictures on Tonki's squared 20cm-by-20cm front side and then ship it to your home. Just like Tonki itself, the packaging is eco-friendly cardboard with colorful instructions for an easy assembly - the funniest part of the experience!

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Mediateca Santa Teresa
Via Moscova, 28

11:00 > 17:00 Press Preview
14:00 > 20:00 Architects Preview
20:00 > 23:59 ThESIGN Box Party
18:30 > 23:59 ThESIGN Cocktail Party
Brera Real Estate