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accessory & street food design

The equipment for selling and eating of street food

The small and chic Atelier Bianca D'Aniello in Brera will host structures and objects of Street Food Design designed by Mobilarch group. These design creations will be displayed and mixed with handmade jewel accessories, produced exclusively in Italy.

Mobilarch is pleased to present a short review of experimental prototypes: from the small object to support a drink and easily consume  a "Cuoppo" (is a Packaging / Food ante litteram tied to typical fried food that we produce and always  consume in the streets of Naples), or a container for takeaway pizza that becomes rapid urban coffee table, or seats that are reconfigured as a table and support.

The idea of the variability of the shape and the ability to adapt to the needs of the individual are the characteristics that highlight these experiments, the result of years of team working, which involved a large group of architects and students of the Neapolitan and Ascolana school coordinated by prof. Nicola Flora.

Some artisan and small companies gave their contribution of skills to this experiment. The interaction among graphics, cabinet making, typography and iron art could mix tradition and innovation, working and hybridizing languages, techniques and functions.


Opening during Fuorisalone:
11-20 Cartella stampa ENG Press Kit

bianca d'aniello

With her creations, Bianca D’aniello offers a new way of conceiving the idea of jewel. As a simple decorative ornament it becomes an original and precious way of expressing and communicating beauty. As Bianca quotes” rather than pure jewels, my creations can be defined as unique accessories that can add personality to any look”. Bibijoux bracelets, necklaces, earrings and accessories merge into a unique refined combination of colorful gipsy-chic look and a rather sophisticated glamour-rock style that never goes unnoticed. The surfaces are animated by metallic tubular mesh techniques and snake scales, elaborate openwork or coloured semi precious stones appliquéd in attention-grabbing opulent compositions, modern takes on a sophisticated, seductive femininity imbued with fascinating age-old stylistic elements and regal accents. Most of her creations are produced in limited edition and made with gold plated brass and natural semi-precious stones.

GLOVES fratelli Forino

Forino family has been manufacturing leather gloves since the end of last century passing the art of glovemaking down from generation to generation. Gloves are handcrafted in fine leathers. The selection of raw materials is attentive and scupulous, and is done by competent expert. The gloves are finished with attention to detail, and as they are made by hand, they become valuable works of craftsmanship, and are often commissioned by the most famous Italian and foreign designers.

Marzia Bettoli

She developed a great experience in the field of design and consulting as an Interior Designer for the prestigious showroom LOFT located in the Brera in Milan, currently working with the Atelier Bianca D’Aniello with the role Freelance Concept Designer, Social Media and PR ,Photographer for fashion, music and design.


The group MOBILARCH, of DIARC (Department of Architecture, University Federico II of Naples) research and experiments in the field of interior design and equipment for the living. Live, work, study, eat, are activities that take up the entire life of men, but too often the "furniture" remain motionless, almost indifferent to changing needs. Both those extemporaneous that those related to the needs and capabilities that change over a longer time. And 'why Mobilarch longtime conducts his research s forms for "a live mobile", equipment and furniture hybrids, with variable geometry and configuration. After working on the issues of Coworking, Social Housing and the temporary facilities for trade in the street, this year the trial was confronted with the street-food: especially coming from a city like Naples where strong is the traditional use and consumption of food in urban areas, the group Mobilarch intended to reinterpret the ways to prepare them, hand them and consume them in the street.

Pagliaro&Saiano Design

Elliot is a coffee table that fits well in any context, not just in the living room. The structure is composed of three legs of various heights. The upper one Protrudes from the floor as well as having the function of leg has also that of a Door flower, thereby making themselves facilemte transportable, what gives him Functionality it distinguishes it aesthetically.

Bianca Daniello Bibijoux
Via Marco Formentini, 7

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