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IM Inside the Matter

Creative paths of the contemporary thinking and doing

From the 17th of april to the 23 of may 2015 the Rivoli2 Foundation of Milan (via Rivoli2) hosts the exhibition IM: Inside the Matter. The exposition, that avails itself from the sponsorship from Regione Lombardia and of Comune di Milano, will present two artists and two designers that will debate on the different interpretations of the materials that they used in their works.

Gian Maria Tosatti will present Untitled (dream), a bed taken from an abandoned mental house where entire generations of patients slept, interlacing over it a hanging string as a trace of their dreams.Dodo Arslan, with ScaccoMatto is sculpture-library with an totemic tone, appositely realised for IM, with a shape created through rigorously and obsessively intertwining the foil, until forming a "three-dimensional" cloth.

Andrea Mastrovito will present Tristan und Isolde , a work where the story of the binomy love-death of the two legendary lovers takes shape into the swatch of paper. Riccardo Blumer will introduce us XXI ( twentyone) g( grams ), a chair of traslucid paper, realized for IM, stable but fragile at the same time and free from the task of being passively "sit", a chair which is unsellable and non usable.

The project analyses the different but complementary approach to the elaboration of the materials and confront two different ways of expression which, even if they are different in their language, present specific similarities and common points: if on the one hand the artists reachs the public through the immaterial value of the artwork, only through its way of thinking and through the position that he assumes towards reality, on the other hand the designer deals directly with reality, taking inspiration from the real world to create objects which aim to ameliorate it.

The expositive path is completed by a project room, set up in the basement of Rivoli2, where it is possible to visit the projects and products realized from iron and paper by seven students -Sara Brambilla, Edoardo Clementi, Ileana Maffei, Dario Sosio (paper), Alexander Imre, Tatiana Titova, Terezia Urdova (iron)  - selected in the Triennio in Design di NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano. NABA is an Academy that forms to art and design, the biggest private academy in Italy and the first one achieving, in 1980, the official acknowledgement from the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research (MIUR). It was also inserted from Domus Magazine in the 100 best schools of Architecture and Design in Europe. 


Opening during Fuorisalone:
dal martedi al venerdi 16.00 - 19.00
sabato 15.30 - 19.30
domenica 16.00 - 20.00 IM Inside the matter Foto project room Naba

Fondazione Rivoli2

Foundation Rivoli2 was established in 2013 with the purpose to promote, document and experiment the path of artists and curators within their different cultural realities by making available for them a space in which their projects and research works can be made known. The Foundation also offers them the possibility to relate with the different representatives of the art world and with the public. Rivolidue is located in Milan, at the heart of Brera and near Piccolo Teatro Strehler. The exhibition space is inside a typical building of Milan, characterised by the inside court and a stained glass. It offers 140mq on four levels, three of which are available as exhibition space.

Fondazione Rivoli2
Via Rivoli 2, cap 20121

18:30 > 21:30 IM Inside the Matter
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