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Rubelli Casa, Donghia & Caran d'Ache

Donghia and the first Rubelli Casa furniture collection

Rubelli, the historic Venice company and producer of top-of-the-range furnishing fabrics, is opening a new showroom in the Brera district in the centre of Milan.

The new space at via Fatebenefratelli 9, on the corner with Corso di Porta Nuova – directly opposite the Palazzo Parigi – covers a surface area of around 450 square metres set out on three levels. Six large windows will also allow greater visibility for the collections of fabrics and furniture with the Rubelli Group brands, now also including the new Rubelli Casa range.

With a carefully crafted interior design by the Studio Rubelli director of design, Chuck Chewning, the new Rubelli showroom, as explained by the CEO Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli, aims in the future to be “the showcase for the excellence of the Group collections in that which is today the world design capital and at the same time a space for housing exhibitions, events and presentations, taking its rightful place in a lively and fast-moving area such as Brera”, undisputed centre for design and an essential stop-off for visitors to the Salone del Mobile and Fuori Salone.

The opening is scheduled for April 14th next to coincide with Design Week, the most important international event in the design world.

For the occasion an exhibition of watercolour sketches by Luca Scacchetti, Italian architect who designed the first Rubelli Casa collection, is to be set up in the showroom.


Opening during Fuorisalone:


Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli

Ten years from its launch, the Armani/Casa division of the Giorgio Armani Group has established itself as a global leader in the luxury interiors market. Synonymous with an elegant and contemporary lifestyle, Armani/Casa is the expression of Giorgio Armani’s own vision of the home as an intimate but sophisticated setting with an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli

The Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli collection comes out from two worlds meeting. The magic of Rubelli, built on a savoir-faire that has its roots from the past. And the colourful, eclectic and unconventional world of Paola Navone. These two worlds often sought each other out and came together in the past, with curiosity and enchanted by each other. With the skilful artisan of the Kieffer brand, today Paola Navone, as a textile non-specialist, has created a nomadic and imaginative collection, inspired by a world without boundaries. Smooth and shiny fabrics like sheets of metal. Or raw and slightly shabby. Ultra-soften linen. Full-bodied and texturized tweed. Soft and quilted cotton. Drawn-thread linen where a pulled thread creates patterns never seen before. Precious fabrics in which irregularity and imperfection become creative and ironic concessions to decoration. A palette of soft shades which Paola Navone contaminates with colours full of energy. It occurs that streaks of orange, fuchsia and fluo yellow appear unexpectedly in the weaves of fabric with a traditional soul. Perhaps distraction. Or even irony. One is tempted to touch every fabric to understand how it is made and which small story is hidden behind it. There is also the temptation to mix petroleum blue, grey blue, orange, turquoise, teal fabrics... And to imagine a special and creative palette of weaves and colours, just as Paola Navone has.


Donghia’s 2015 collection of furniture and lighting features inspired pieces that are meticulously conceived and crafted. The focus of the new furniture collection is movement. Organic twisting shapes and sinuous curves have a dance-like quality serving as inspiration for the pieces in this elevated group of furnishings. Luxurious craftsmanship and unexpected silhouettes give the collection its sophistication. The new lighting collection is inspired by a tiny garden made of glass at the Museo del Vetro in Murano. Elements of arches, columns, and walkways are integrated, while interactive forms of blown Murano glass and sheets of metal are used to create an intricately beautiful collection. Donghia’s 2015 collection of furniture and lighting and accessories showcases distinctive surprises and accents, making each piece a unique work of art. The collection showcases modern design with rich accents that evoke Donghia’s philosophy of living a well-tailored life.

Rubelli Casa

Rubelli Casa propone una prima serie di mobili, imbottiti e complementi, rivendicando un proprio spazio originale ed unico nel mondo della casa e dell’arredo. Sospeso tra modernità e tradizione, rileggendo lo sviluppo e la continua e progressiva trasformazione dei termini stessi della modernità nell’ultimo secolo, viene compiuto un viaggio carico di suggestioni e spunti attraverso le forme, i colori, le linee, le superfici, i decori e i silenzi del moderno.

Rubelli Venezia

The Rubelli 2015 collection presents a series of classics interpreted with a contemporary vision. Many patterns take their inspiration from Venice and from artistic creations or surfaces which can be linked to the city of canals. All of them are the result of a careful reading, by the designer, of those elements which his creative and critical sensibility can pinpoint, to then render them as weaves full of appeal and new inspirations. Terrazzo reinterprets the typical Venetian floor in a mini pattern whose matte and shiny texture re-creates it in all its elegance. Toile de Venise comes from the observation of a series of eighteenth-century engravings, so as to capture their most hidden details. Barbarigo is the result of careful and thorough study of a wall covering in engraved leather, cuoridoro, typical of the Venetian Baroque. The contemporary nature of the collection lies in this special approach by the designer, in sharp observation capable of looking beyond and with different eyes. This is in addition to a more creative use of the palette which offers bright or in any case unusual colours for fabrics normally available in shades closer to established convention, ranging from powder pink, possibly destined to being considered the new beige, to fuchsia, cherry red and Irish green. Panama, Perù and Almorò merit special mention. They are the outcome of research into new weaves which create plain and faux uni fabrics which with their artisanal appearance appear almost to be handwoven. The series of three articles in wool are also interesting, resulting from thorough research into the yarn and also from specific finishes which enhance the woolly component. The new collection is presented in the new Rubelli magazine Passione Italiana. An exciting journey through places and excellences in Italy to discover that all this beauty is driven by passion, the same passion at the root of so many masterpieces and also textile creations that are new every time, the product of vital technical skill and artistic culture.

Rubelli Showroom
Via Fatebenefratelli 9, Milano

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