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The Agape 12 partners present their novelties: Agape, Agapecasa, Alpes Inox, Antrax IT, Coedition, Emeco, knIndustrie, Made a Mano, Manifestodesign, Mingardo, The Benedini Collection, Starpool.


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For 40 years Agape has helped lead the way in bathroom evolution. The company has won numerous major awards, among which the Design Plus. It been selected on numerous occasions for the Compasso d’ Oro ADI including.


Agapecasa extends the vision of Agape to the whole of domestic life, with original products that are refined, functional and modern. The "Mangiarotti Collection" is a collection of furniture made from prototypes, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti from the early 50s onwards: design classics, carefully tested and updated in full agreement with Studio Mangiarotti. The collection includes objects for everyday living, all very diverse, although designed by the same author, extremely relevant to today’s needs, and consistent, despite having been designed over a fifty-year period. Conceived by a designer who has been able to experiment with and establish new reference parameters in typology, form and construction, the collection proposes objects that deal in an unconventional way with the objects that inhabit our lives (chairs, tables, shelves and storage units), making them functional in an intelligent, innovative way, and giving them appropriate, yet sophisticated and unusual form.

Alpes Inox

Founded in 1954 by Nico Moretto, who has headed the company ever since and designed all its products, Alpes Inox began its operation with the manufacture of metal cabinets for the kitchen. In 1964 it started producing built-in kitchen appliances made of stainless steel: sinks, hobs, ovens and exhaust hoods. The company soon gained a distinguished reputation for the high technical and quality standards of its products, their sophisticated design and the accurate machining of steel, a high quality material characterized by its stainless, hygienic and resistant properties, whose 19/10 chrome-nickel alloy and special finish determine its exclusive “silver” colouring. The basic qualities that characterize the Alpes products are quality, functionality, safety.

Antrax IT

Radiators, towel warmers, and fireplaces: warmth enters the home in a number of different ways and under innovative forms, as an expression of research and the design concept. Antrax IT is versatility, elegance, wisdom and technology: its characteristic products, from the technical ones to the most iconic ones, decorate with style all the living and bathroom spaces, both private and contract. Leader in the design radiator sector, Antrax IT is the best expression of the undisputable vitality and uniqueness of Italian style and quality. Antrax IT, internationally renowned, won different awards in the design sector: in 2015, in particular, it won the Good Design Award with the product Flaps and the Interior Innovation Award with Tavola & Tavoletta.


COEDITION was born of a common passion: Charles and Samuel Coriat and Silvera are all unreservedly devoted to designer creations and home interiors, sharing both friendship and deep mutual professional respect. COEDITION is pursuing its role as a distributor of modern and creative French furniture by expanding its collections to include exceptional new products designed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Aki and Arnaud Cooren, Marco Zanuso Jr and Alain Moatti. The high-quality collections are the result of exhaustive research, meticulous and diligent development and technical innovations refined by the designers and the distributor. This ensures that each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design. In 2014, COEDITION completed two major projects: the new Tour Eiffel chair, designed by architect Alain Moatti for the Gustave Eiffel Pavilion, available from its collections, and Nouvelle Génération chair, for the reading rooms of the French National Library, created by Dominique Perrault Architecture & Associés (DPA). Both products confirm COEDITION's exacting standards and professional experience.

+33 (0)1 53 65 39 91


The American furniture company Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. The classic 1006 Navy Chair was born. Made to last at least a hundred and fifty years, it was light, smart, functional and strong - because that was the best we could do. Today our craftsmen in Hanover, Pennsylvania continue to handcraft chairs that are so strong they are passed down through generations – that’s how we define ‘sustainability.’ Emeco is leading the industry, exploring and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture. We work with the world’s best designers and influential corporations including Philippe Starck, Norman Foster, BMW, Frank Gehry, Coca-Cola, Jean Nouvel, Konstantin Grcic, Nendo, and Jasper Morrison to make chairs that live up to the standards that we inherited from our founders with a vision to make a difference.

+1 717 637 5951


The meeting in 2011 between Francesco Zani, with his passion and culture for design, and the Pinti family who have been dedicated to building and enhancing an enterprise in Brescia in the cutlery, kitchenware and kitchen accessory sector for three generations, lead to the foundation of KnIndustrie: a daring, totally made in Italy, courageous and innovative project. The mission of Knindustrie is to develop collections of kitchen utensils with a small amount of items and need of storage space to make food preparation, cooking and presentation simple and easy. Clean minimalist lines, multifunctionality, elegance and meticulous research of materials, experimentation in finishes and focus on eco-sustainability are the distinctive features of all the lines.

Made a Mano srl

After almost 40 years of study, research and creativity, Rosario Parrinello, entrepreneur careful of ceramics arts and guardian of Mediterranean cultures, created in 2001 the Made a Mano, a company that is distinct and specialized in working or processing of the clay and lava stone. The company was founded in Caltagirone - Sicily - a city with over 4000 years of history for the production of ceramics, it is located approximately 60 km from the Etna volcano, unique and exclusive source of all production of products made of lava stone. The exclusive collections Made a Mano are the result of a renowned tradition and artistic experience of its founder who has managed to combine the designs, colors of the Mediterranean with the best expressions of Oriental and African civilizations in order to project realizations of absolute minimalism typical of civilization of northern Europe, all to give great prominence to the materials used. The stone, natural or ceramized is the lava stone, the decorations are made freehand, the colors, applied with a brush, are made with ancient techniques, each tile or artifact that comes out of the Made a Mano labs, is a concentration of research and emotions. All production is based mainly on lava stone of Etna volcano, with which fails to achieve a variety of refined products such as tiles, countertops, table tops, sinks, bathtubs, furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. The Made a Mano in recent years has been distinguished by the continuous and ever more intense collaboration with great designer and leading globally famous for their productions.


Manifestodesign founded in 2006, is a brand created by designers. As the word itself says, “manifesto design” has the goal of becoming the representation of a furnishing project interpretation that makes exclusive use of natural materials processed in the least invasive manner possible, with the intent and will of concretely and tangibly promote the culture of the project in respect of nature and man, combining design and manufacturing processes. The products created by Manifestodesign, follow the harmony of nature and human being to satisfy as much as possible those who wish to enjoy them as their “companions”. The entire production is made in Italy, between the Marche and the Romagna regions.


On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2015, start-up Mingardo presents the third edition of Designer | Faber, limited editions of design, including five brand new products handcrafted by Daniele Mingardo (young maker and entrepreneur) and designed by young or well-established designers under the art direction of Aldo Parisotto. Daniele Mingardo (Monselice, 1988) works in his father’s carpenter’s workshop since he’s 18. In 2013, when he’s only 25, he decides to launch his own brand, Mingardo, to combine his passion for craftsmanship and design: he produces small limited-edition collections of home furniture and accessories where metals play the main role, often in combination with other materials. He now carries on his family’s business: 40 years of know-how from his father’s workshop meet contemporary design with a minimalistic approach, where metals (copper, iron and brass) are presented at their best. Exclusive, contemporary objects are conceived with an approach that is lead by passion for details and attention to finishing; high quality of manufacturing is the added values of the whole project. Designer | Faber collections gathers small furniture pieces and objects ( mainly out of metal, precious or rough, sometimes in combination with other materials) designed by Parisotto + Formenton, Antigone Acconci + Riccardo Bastiani, Omri Revesz+ Damian Tatangelo, Barbara Schweizer, and Masanori Mori. This year’s products are characterized by valorization of handcrafted metals and functionality trough interesting aesthetical researches.


CEO Riccardo Turri describes his company: “Starpool represents a balance between opposites: hot and cold, tradition and innovation, imagination and rationality”. The company has been active for 39 years now at both national and international level in the design and creation of wellness centres and Spas. Starpool, now credited among the manufacturers of outstanding products made in Italy, began life in the green heart of the Trentino Dolomites at Ziano di Fiemme in the Val di Fiemme. Its one aim was to give life and form not just to wellness products but also to a genuine allround culture of wellness, consisting of technology, innovation and design both in the professional and the private spheres. With more than 1,400 Spas realized all over the world and 200 dwellings equipped with the home lines, Starpool offers a full range of products with solutions for every wellness concept: hotels, sports halls, day Spas, private Spas, yachts, beauty parlours and homes. There are two collections, Classic and Sweet, that contain the basic elements of every Spa such as saunas, steam baths, showers and Starpool’s core business is the professional wellness sector in the areas of hospitality, contract and marine, to which can be added the residential/home sector. Alongside the “hardware” Starpool proposes a wide range of complementary services to support customers before, during and after the realization of the Spa, aimed at ensuring the structuring, organisation and culture of wellness. The design of Starpool’s products blends perfectly aesthetics and functionality. The company and the art director Cristiano Mino (Compasso d’Oro 1995) have won the Red Dot Design Award for SweetSpa and SweetSauna90 (2011) and, in 2012, for SweetSaunaPro. In 2014 he won the SweetSaunaSmart Grandesing Ethics International Award.

The Benedini Collection

Over quite a number of years of creative work on building houses or converting and furnishing them, we have designed and built lots of products with the help of talented craftsmen, despite the fact there is certainly no lack of projects in this particular realm of the Italian market. We have not decided to redevelop some of these projects in the belief that the reasons behind their creation may, in actual fact, correspond to wider needs.

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